The culture of the most advanced industrial production, the performance solidity, the reliability and speed of management, the deep knowledge of materials, the passion for research, innovation and the attention paid to 4.0 are the distinctive features of the Contract service of GFive.


The art of hospitality is a matter of sensitivity, taste and reliability. Managing hôtellerie means taking care of the atmosphere and the perception of space in relation to functionality. GFive consolidates a remarkable experience in the sector through its managerial solidity, the rapid execution and the fair relationship between design and execution coherence.


The embrace of design and luxury at the service of the home. Exclusive furnishings, precious materials and personalized design are the marble pillars on which the experience of Gfive in the residential contract sector matured all over the world is based. The expression of the home is the Italian taste is the element that makes a design model possible.

Luxury retail

Luxury retail represents the balance between desire and achievement. The space of ambition, the place to delight and seek a seal of success is a typology of environment of great specialization for GFive. The delicacy of the atmosphere and the elegance of fittings are factors of mild operation that require an in-depth executive experience.


The place of work and concentration requires particularly careful treatment. Spaces must favor application and recollection on the one hand, dialogue and confrontation on the other. The office is the place where people meet results.

Public areas and Lounges

Public areas are the place to connect. The environment must be designed and organized to facilitate the encounter with space, promoting a relaxed atmosphere that favors the encounter with the new and the different. The design must offer managerial flexibility, keeping in mind that the space will be used to host events, occasions and guests of a different nature.

know how

From the project concept, to engineering and installation. Know-how and expertise in all phases of project development. GFive has the ability to analyze, address and resolve the complexities of the various project stages and also finalize the most exclusive achievements.