360 degrees

Coordination of interventions aimed at the complete execution of the works, planning of the logistics program for deliveries, installations and assembly, as well as the performance of all the plant engineering services that may be required for the overall completion of the work undertaken


The concept of "customization" of the series product involves the custom-made dimensional adaptation, the research and the introduction of finishes out of the series production, up to the total realization on project, in constant dialogue with the customer.

An exceptional variety

This working method allows GFive to realize extremely heterogeneous projects, in which every single conceptual and living nucleus can be characterized by a customized solution.


GFive offers a turnkey service and participates in every step of the contract implementation: from the project to the production, from the logistics management to the "inherent" managers, proposing itself as the sole interlocutor of its contact person.

A specific preparation

The corporate culture of GFive also includes an in-depth and constantly updated knowledge of all the international standards in terms of supplies and security, to facilitate every need of the client.